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Hweiling Ow’s first short film concept is “T is for Talk” which has over two million views all over the world, half a million views on YouTube and has been ripped multiple times. The success of this film led to funding for an anthology horror series called Ao-Terror-Oa which was a joint initiative between Google and NZ On Air.


In 2017, Jack Davis and Eli Roths’ Crypt TV picked up two of Hweiling’s ideas, The Tattooist and The Claw, both of which were created as part of 15 Second Scares. The Tattooist currently sits at over 16 million views while The Claw has 2.3 million views on Facebook alone. In the same year, Hweiling received the NZ Film Commission’s Women’s Short Horror Film Fund which resulted in Vaspy, a film about a pregnant woman with peculiar cravings that spiral out of control after the appearance of a strange clickity-clack toy.


Hweiling is currently working on her second feature horror script. 

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