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Hweiling Ow has been extremely active in producing and originating a diverse number of productions. Recent highlights that have received NZ On Air Funding include the horror anthology Ao-terror-oa, AFK Season 2, Tales of Nai Nai, The Basement and TVNZ's Supernatural Anthology.

Her team has recently been granted the 2021 NZFC Kōpere Hou funding for Vivie. At the SPADA 2019 conference, her team won the SPP Best Pitch Competition with HomeBound 3.0 that currently in development.

Because of the generation of filmmakers she comes from, she is a multi-hyphenated collaborator with other like-minded people. She comes from the philosophy of owning what she does, making it happen one way or another. She looks for different ways of getting her content out there.

Hweiling Ow has also been selected for the MAP Producers Workshop. She is the 2020 WIFT’s Women To Watch recipient.

She looks forward to meeting new people and talking about their projects. Detail work history is available upon request.

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